Finding Help With Your Mosquito Problems

Mosquitoes are a big problem for most people.  We will be sitting outside relaxing and enjoying the day and before we know it, the sun has set and the mosquitoes are starting their attacks.  The problem with this is that sometimes you won’t even know that you were bitten until you feel along your body and find itchy bumps.  The next day when you are upset you will want to find mosquito control companies new london to get rid of the problem.

mosquito control companies new london

What chemicals do they use?

To get rid of these pests they will need to place a poison around your home and your children.  This is not a real good idea for some people.  The thought of using poison and possibly getting sick doesn’t appeal to them.  For these people, make sure that the chemicals that are use are human safe and environmentally safe.  Usually these are water-based toxins and won’t cause issues if they enter the water supply.

When can they come and treat?

It is a good idea to know when they can come and treat.  If they are backed up for weeks then you may want to come and look for someone else.  Mosquitoes as well as other insects have a lifecycle and a season.  It is a good idea to schedule sessions before the season begins. This way, the treatments will kill off the eggs before the mosquitoes can hatch and start infesting your area.

Go out during the day

If you can’t spray or get anyone to help you, it is a good idea to get your chores done during the day.  Mosquitoes come out at night since it is cooler and they can sense heat sources better.  If you want to avoid mosquitoes, stay inside during the day and if out at night, stay behind a screened in area.